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Paid Advertising Mastery:
Your Gateway to Growth
With us, every click means more customers and every impression leads to impact. From Facebook, Instagram to TikTok, Twitter, Reddit, Google and App Store Acquisition, our expertise transforms ad spend into revenue. Let's sculpt campaigns that resonate and results that roar. Your growth journey starts here.
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Digital Excellence Suite:
Craft, Convert, Automate
Experience virtuosity with our Digital Excellence Suite. Unmatched expertise in Copywriting, Landing Page Creation, and Marketing Automation (e-mail, push, sms). Elevate your brand's impact, one word, click, and e-mail campaign at a time.
21 Solutions Digital Agency
Web & App Magic: Creating Websites and Apps That Shine
Experience the magic of our Web and App Development service.

We turn your ideas into amazing websites and apps that stand out. Your digital dreams, our technical expertise.
21 Solutions Digital Agency
Embark on a transformative journey with 21 Solutions Digital Agency. From captivating ads and compelling content that sells to seamless web and app experiences, we craft digital excellence that propels your brand to unparalleled heights.

We ensure your online presence not only stands out but excels, generating revenue, acquiring clients, and delivering a high ROI.
About us
At 21 Solutions Digital Agency, we are more than experts; we are architects of digital success. With a passion for innovation and a commitment to excellence, we craft tailored solutions in digital marketing, web and app development, and IT personnel outsourcing. Our dedicated team transforms ideas into impactful strategies, ensuring your brand not only thrives but leads in the digital landscape.
At 21 Solutions Digital Agency, our pricing starts at $999 monthly or $2999 per project, offering exceptional value for your investment.

Take advantage of our free consultation, including a comprehensive audit and personalized price estimate.

We tailor our services to your needs, ensuring you receive a bespoke solution that maximizes your ROI.
Completed more than 200 projects
Worked in 10 countries
Branding, logo and website of a construction company.
Website of a premium real estate management agency.
Website, online store, social media, promotion and IT support for luxury furniture showroom.
Website, promotion and IT support for a construction company in France.
Website and mini job search platform for a recruiting agency.
Promotion of a large educational holding
Growth of followers +150%
Growth of outreach and engagement +1000%.
2257 leads via Google ads (more than 200,000 euros in revenue)